Debunking Myths in Music Career – It Wouldn’t Hurt to Know the Truth

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For the longest time, there have been a lot of myths associated with pursuing a career in music, and the music industry as a whole. But, don’t you think it is about time to finally unravel the truth behind these age old myths?
1st Music Career Myth: Fans no longer buy music today.
Truth: Fans are still buying music right now but the traditional business models of selling no longer work. For you to sell your music to fans and earn some money, there are some things you need to do:
• Be familiar with the ins and outs of today’s industry, and not the one decades ago.
• Be creative and think outside the box. It can help you look for new ways of selling your music to your fans.
2nd Music Career Myth: You will never make a cut if you are already old.
Truth: Successful bands and companies don’t just focus on age. There are many professional musicians in their 30s and up who are a part of different areas of the business. Your age will only matter when you choose to make it matter. The present music industry works just like other businesses. You can always reach for success no matter what your age is as long as you have the dedication, strong work ethic, and value to offer. You have to know what the music industry is looking for in musicians and start strengthening those skills. It is what will make you more attractive in the eyes of the people who are part of the industry.
3rd Music Career Myth: You will only be successful if you have good connections?
Truth: Connections are usually the culprit for going down the path of success in the music industry. There will be no use if you get to meet your most admired singer unless:
• You have established a reputation in the business for being a person who is hard working, trustworthy, and loyal, while still having strong business mindset. People who are part of the music industry will check your reputation before they start to work with you in any way.
• You have plenty of value to offer compared to other musicians.
4th Music Career Myth: You will only be successful if you are living in a music city.
Truth: It is one of those dated myths that are far from the truth. You are the one that matters, and not the city where you live. You can always work together with those music companies living in a city far from yours. Learn all the principles which can give you a successful career and live by these in your career. It can lead you to success no matter where your location is.

5th Music Career Myth: You should be an excellent musician before you can establish a career.
Truth: There is more to being a great professional musician than just having exceptional musical skills. What you have to do is to do is to work not only on your musical skills but also on other areas of your music career as a whole.

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